Are you working on hormone balance but not prioritizing minerals?⁣ Minerals are the foundation of healthy hormones. Minerals drive enzymes and enzymes drive hormones. ⁣Without adequate minerals, hormones suffer.

The mineral deficiency, hormone imbalance cascade:

Your body needs minerals to make energy.

To make energy (ATP) your body depends on minerals like copper and magnesium.

Without enough energy, thyroid hormone production slows.

When the thyroid slows, digestion slows.

A sluggish thyroid leads to low stomach acid production. Without enough stomach acid and thyroid hormone, digestive issues like constipation and bloating begin.

The liver becomes more burdened and sluggish too.

Slower digestion + sluggish liver = estrogen dominance

The liver is responsible for processing excess hormones, especially estrogen, which is CRITICAL for healthy estrogen balance.

Too much estrogen in relationship to progesterone is called estrogen dominance and comes with a whole host of unpleasant symptoms.

Poor gut health means poor nutrient absorption.

Impaired nutrient absorption means hormones are lacking the building blocks to be produced.

Chronic inflammation from gut dysbiosis and leaky gut will drive hormone production down as a safety mechanism.

Lack of minerals = poor adrenal function

When the adrenals don’t have enough minerals, they can’t function optimally.

Weaker adrenals = weaker stress response.

Stress impacts the body’s ability to make hormones like progesterone and thyroid hormone.

Hormone imbalances can lead to a host of unpleasant symptoms:

Too much estrogen or not enough progesterone can lead to estrogen dominance and a whole host of hormonal imbalance symptoms like:⁣
➡️ Painful, irregular periods⁣
➡️ Breast tenderness ⁣
➡️ Fibrocystic breasts⁣
➡️ Severe PMS⁣
➡️ Water retention⁣
➡️ Migraines, especially before your period⁣

The Role of Minerals in Hormone Balance

Minerals play countless roles in your body’s functions and processes, especially when it comes to hormone production and function. Below are just a few examples:

  • The adrenals need SODIUM and POTASSIUM for healthy STRESS HORMONE production.
  • The thyroid needs SELENIUM and IODINE to make THYROID hormone.
  • COPPER is needed to convert thyroid hormones, T4 to T3.
  • MAGNESIUM + COPPER are needed to make ENERGY.
  • ESTRADIOL, a female reproduction and fertility hormone, is dependent on BORON.
  • BORON is needed for overall HORMONE BALANCE.
  • Luteinizing hormone (LH) is dependent on ZINC. LH is a precursor to TESTOSTERONE. In women, an LH surge triggers OVULATION.
  • MAGNESIUM helps support PROGESTERONE levels.
  • MAGNESIUM is required for TESTOSTERONE production.
  • COPPER is needed to for cytochrome c-oxidase, an enzyme crucial to ENERGY production.
  • MAGNESIUM is needed for LIVER support to clear excess ESTROGEN.
  • Low magnesium can lead to hormone imbalance because magnesium is required for liver function and the liver is responsible for processing estrogen.
best food sources of minerals

Minerals, energy, stress, and hormones are all connected. If one isn’t in a healthy place, it will have a domino effect on all the others. ⁣

Giving our bodies an abundance of mineral-rich foods is CRUCIAL to healthy hormone balance. ⁣

Some of the most mineral-rich foods include:⁣

🥩 Grass-fed meat⁣
🍤 Seafood⁣
♥️ Organ meats⁣
🦴 Bone broth⁣
🥛 Raw dairy⁣
🍊 Fruit⁣
🥕 Roots and squashes ⁣
🍯 Raw honey and bee pollen⁣

By prioritizing nourishment (of the body and mind!), it is possible to optimize hormone function and balance. There is no substitute or supplement that can make up for intentional nourishment.⁣

For healthy hormones, start here:

  • Prioritize mineral-rich foods like beef liver, oysters, bee pollen, and citrus.
  • Avoid foods that bind or steal minerals (grains, soy, nuts/seeds, PUFAs).
  • Reduce stress by keeping blood sugar balanced.
  • Reduce stress and stop overcommitting yourself.
  • Prioritize sleep. Healthy hormones require it.
  • Supplement strategically. Work with someone to determine your nutrient needs.
how to balance your hormones

Curious about your mineral status? Ask me about HTMA testing (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis).⁣

Ready to start your hormone healing journey? DM me your questions and to get started!