Hi, I’m Candace Kennedy, a Holistic Nutrition Consultant based in Austin, TX. I work with clients across the globe to help them achieve their optimal health and learn to truly thrive. Through custom nutrition and wellness plans, you can take control of your health and live the life you were designed to. IMG_0578

The struggle to find answers to your health concerns is real. I’ve been there.

I understand your struggle. I’ve spent years of my life not feeling great. Despite eating “healthy,” at various times of my life I’ve experienced:

  • insomnia
  • infertility (amenorrhea)
  • depression and anxiety
  • compromised immune system and constant infections (including sinus infections, strep throat, colds, flu…you name it, I’d get it)
  • hormonal acne
  • constant fatigue and low energy
  • slow digestion

I’ve had doctors tell me I would have to remain on hormonal birth control and prescriptions for the rest of my life in order to have a “normal” hormonal response. At various times, lab results would reveal I was becoming insulin resistant and pre-diabetic, had an under-active thyroid, and exhausted adrenals.

Many of these issues stemmed from my PCOS, and I knew that. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 16. It was then that my lifelong journey with nutrition and wellness began. I read, researched, experimented, and tried many different diets including the South Beach Diet, vegetarian, raw, low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie…and everything in between. It seemed impossible to keep belly fat off, let alone relieve the rest of my symptoms. There was so much conflicting information out there. I was confused and feeling hopeless. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, there is hope.

After years of self-experimentation (with diet, herbs, and exercise) and returning to school to study Holistic Nutrition at Bauman College, I started asking the right questions. It finally occurred to me — there is no “one size fits all” diet. I needed to look at my own body and how it reacted to different foods, situations, and lifestyle changes. I started finding answers and my life has been forever changed. Insomnia and anxiety have disappeared. My immune system has never been stronger. My skin is clearer and brighter than ever. I have the most normal cycle I’ve ever had. And guess what…I’m not taking a single prescription drug. right-food-campbell-website

This same method of investigation and custom nutrition is applied to all of my clients to help support their health and give their bodies the right nutrition to reach their goals.


From my own personal health journey, I know how challenging and frustrating it can be to find the answers. With all the conflicting information out there, it’s difficult to know who to listen to. Whether it’s balancing your hormones, improving your digestion, losing weight, or feeling more energetic, I will help you find the right solution. Let’s address the root causes of your condition and together, we will develop a personalized nutrition and wellness plan that is designed with your lifestyle, goals and budget in mind.

My background and education in holistic nutrition and preventative health has equipped me with the right tools to help you reach your goals and get your health back. Ready to get started? Contact me today for your free 15-minute consultation.

In addition to individual consultations, I also provide corporate wellness programs and private group wellness programs.

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